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In 2022, LyRise is participating in Google for Startups Accelerator Africa Class 7!

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Media Coverage

LyRise aims to solve the shortage of AI expertise by building remote AI teams. Banoub participated in the first MIT Deep Technology Bootcamp.

Frequently asked questions

Who is LyRise for?
Tech companies looking for faster and more efficient access to remote AI, Data & Software talent.

We showcase junior, senior and expert-level talent in the following roles:
  1. 1- Data scientists
  2. 2- Machine learning engineers
  3. 3- Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineers
  4. 4- Computer Vision (CV) engineers
  5. 5- Data Analysts
  6. 6- Data Engineers
  7. 7- AI Engineers
  8. 8- Deep Learning Engineers
  9. 9- Software Engineers
  10. 10- Big Data Engineers
  11. 11- Machine learning engineers

And many more.

With a top global talent pool, we can help make anything in the area of AI, Data & Software technology possible. We will match you with relevant experts in your industry.

Yes. If you’re not looking to hire at the moment, you can work with our talents on a project basis and leave the hassle of HR to us. You can select our Talent As A Service (TAaS), LyRise will then act as your Employer of Record (EoR) building the team, manages your payroll, up or down-scales the team, performs regular performance reviews, provides technical support, security services all in one as well as other perks--sign up to find out more!

  1. 1. Our talents are vetted through LyRise’s proprietary assessment exam. This means we can provide you with valuable insights about every candidate’s performance and personality.
  2. 2. Our network is further trained via intense programs inspired by MIT Bootcamps.
  3. 3. You meet your candidate(s) and confirm that you are 100% satisfied with the match before any charges are made.

We provide you with a matching or compatibility score based on your requirements and candidates’ exam scores, skills, and previous experience.

It takes as little as 10 days for the roles listed above, whereas more specialized roles may require more time.

Yes. However, if both the employer and talent agree, work can be moved on-premise.

We have top-notch engagement managers, AI, Data & Software product managers, and senior experts who can help you build and manage your remote AI & Data team.

After you meet your candidate(s) and confirm that you are 100% satisfied with the match. We charge you only when a successful hire has been made.